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Avoiding Burn Injuries: 4th of July Safety Tips [Infographic]

In addition to knowing what types of fireworks are legal in Louisiana, the safe handling of fireworks is critical to personal safety.

Make this Fourth of July a fun and safe event for the whole family! Review state laws and safety tips below.

Louisiana Fireworks: Rules & Regulations

The selling period for fireworks in Louisiana begins on June 25 and ends July 5. Fireworks are also available December 15 through January 1.

According to Louisiana statute, pyrotechnic fireworks are not permitted for individual use, sale, or purchase. However, there’s a list of permissible fireworks that individuals can safely, and legally, enjoy in Louisiana.

Permissible fireworks include Class “C” (consumer fireworks) as defined by the Department of Transportation and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Examples of legal fireworks include (but are not limited to):

Louisiana cities, counties, and perishes may have stricter rules on fireworks. For example, Lake Charles bans the use of all fireworks, unless permits are obtained for professional displays.

In Lafayette, the city allows permissible fireworks, but there are time restrictions on when they can be used.

Get to know your local laws before you buy and use any firework in Louisiana. Violators will be fined; fines increase for subsequent offenses.

Firework Safety Tips

Fireworks are a big part of Fourth of July celebrations, and burn injuries are particularly common around this time.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2016, fireworks caused 11,100 hospital visits and four deaths—the vast majority of these incidents occurred in July.

Even sparklers can be dangerous. Knowing how to safely handle fireworks is important if you want to avoid injury and potential property damage.

How to avoid burn injuries:


If you follow local laws and exercise caution when handling fireworks, you should have no problem enjoying a bit of sparkle at your next Fourth of July event.

Remember, local laws vary. Check your city’s municipal code for specific details about permissible fireworks.

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