Class Actions Mass Torts

Our history is rife with examples of corporations taking advantage of their employees, carelessly exposing them to harmful substances, poor working conditions, and products with dangerous side effects. Individuals are bullied into silence by being threatened with job loss or demotion, ensuring that the damaging factors affecting them, their staff, or their customers are unaddressed.

A class action lawsuit is a claim filed on behalf of a group of people who were harmed because of a specific situation they were put in or a product they were exposed to, such as becoming ill from asbestos exposure on job sites.

Class action lawsuits can be powerful agents of needed change in company policies, especially with corporations that regularly put their employees at risk. Mass Torts are processed differently, and are primarily lawsuits brought by a large group of people who were harmed on a larger scale, such as an oil spill or defective medication.

What Are The Criteria For Class Action Lawsuits? 

  • People in the class lawsuit must all be notified and given a chance to opt out to choose their own representation
  • A motion must be filed in court
  • The plaintiff needs to demonstrate how their experience with the company or product is the standard of the others involved in the lawsuit
  • The plaintiff must show how this type of lawsuit is more beneficial and cost effective than individual lawsuits.

Our experienced team can help you navigate negligence from a company or manufacturer and clarify whether a class action suit or a mass tort would be most effective method of seeking restitution. We are committed to educating our clients on their legal rights, as well as their options for moving forward.

With our incredibly successful background in mass litigation, we are confident that we can help you create a solid case. We will work on a contingency basis, meaning that we refuse to take any of your hard-earned funds until you are rightly compensated for the impact the company has had on your life.