Class Actions

Lake Charles Class Action Lawyers

Class action lawsuits are brought by large numbers of individuals as a group to assert their claims against a common defendant. Typically, they are brought by individuals and consumers who have been harmed by corporations. There are many kinds of class action suits. This is just a short list:

  • Consumers injured by large product manufacturing companies (injuries caused by medical devices, pharmaceuticals or medicines with dangerous side effects)
  • Employees mistreated by employers (discriminatory hiring/firing, pay disputes, or broken employment contracts)
  • Consumers or investors injured by fraudulent or unfair practices (securities fraud, defective products, or bad faith insurance actions)
  • Homeowners or residents harmed by environmental toxins or dumping
  • Unfair trade or business practices

Class Action Suits Brought by Cox, Cox, Filo, Camel & Wilson L.L.C.

Class actions suits brought by our firm have involved injury claims, medical bill pay actions, insurance underpayment claims, and chemical exposure claims. In these cases, we won the following judgments for clients:

  • $262 million class judgment for medical providers due to violation of the Louisiana PPO Act
  • Over $260 million in class settlements to dateĀ for medical bill pay disputes
  • $17.5 million class settlement for underpaid cancer policyholders
  • $8.5 million settlement to 300 families for toxic air release
  • $2.9 million settlement for firefighters’ underpaid wages
  • Over $40 million recovered for Louisiana rice farmers in genetically modified rice litigation

Our efforts in the class action arena have led to class judgments and settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

We are open to pursuing new class action suits and to inviting clients to join actions already underway.

If you feel you are a member of a class that has been harmed, we welcome your call.
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