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Feb 27, 2024

I have worked as a Longshoremen for 43 years at the Port of Lake Charles and represented Longshoremen from Charleston S.C. to Brownsville , Texas in 25 Ports and as a Trustee of our Pension and Welfare fund, I also served as a Port Commissioner in the Port of Lake Charles for 15 years and have met and worked with many Attorney’s and powerful Law Firm’s in the Business. I can tell you this from my years of experience of different types of needs for attorney’s that I have never met a better Law Firm than Cox Cox and Filo. I am Proud to say that this Firm is from our area of State. I can’t say enough about Mike Cox and Ginger and Megan. They are like family as far as I’m concerned. If anyone in my family or friends need legal help I will be referring them to Mike Cox and the Firm because they are the best and most genuine group of people I have ever met in the business. They will represent you with all their heart and soul and I mean that. In fact one of my Nephews was critically injured in the oilfield business and I recommended Mike Cox to him and he told me that he owed his future to Mike and the Firm. Thank God I told my nephew because that could have been a great loss to him and his family if things went the other way with some attorney only looking for a pay check. Thank you Mike and Ginger and Megan Y’all the Best. God Bless Y’all and Happy New Year. Your Friend and Brother.

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