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Class actions are unique legal mechanisms that protect groups of people from nefarious business practices and dangerous products. A class-action lawsuit can help hold the responsible party accountable. These types of cases generally assist with larger groups of people who have been victimized but whose damages do not add up to a significant amount. These groups of people can team up to form a larger group of victims, which improves their chances of receiving compensation.

Types Of Class-actions

What Kinds Of Class Action Lawsuits Are There?

A class-action lawsuit is a claim filed on behalf of a group of people who were harmed because of a specific situation they were put in or a product they were exposed to, such as becoming ill from asbestos exposure on job sites.

  • Securities Class Action Suits: usually brought forth by investors who have suffered economic loss as a result of fraud or other violations of securities law.
  • Product Liability/Personal Injury Class Action Suits: claims made by the victim with injuries resulting directly from product defects.
  • Consumer Class Action Suits: claims made by the consumer based on a violation of consumer rights based on a particular policy or practice by the business or corporation.
  • Employment Class Action Suits: claims made by employees of a business that actively violates employee rights, including discrimination, wage/hour violations, benefits withholding, and more.

At the Cox Law Firm, our efforts in the class action arena have led to judgments and settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Are you a class member? Call our Lake Charles office at 337-436-6611, or contact us online for a FREE consultation.


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