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Collisions with large vehicles and trucks are an unfortunate reality when driving in Jennings. While most interactions occur without incident, there are many reasons why a truck and other vehicles could collide, including distracted driving and vehicle issues. If you or a loved one is a victim of a collision with a large vehicle, contact a Jennings truck accident lawyer to receive the compensation you deserve.

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Our team at the Cox Law Firm is dedicated to serving those who have become victims of the negligent actions of others. Whether it’s workplace accidents, vehicle accidents, or wrongful death, our attorneys aim to give every victim agency over their legal situation. We treat every case individually and create a personalized plan to make sure our clients can maximize the compensation owed to them.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

It might seem odd that a large vehicle, like a commercial truck, can collide with others on the road, but this situation is more common than you think. These types of accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Lack of Proper Rest: Most truck drivers are required to rest for a certain period of time to comply with federal and state law. Sometimes, drivers do not adhere to these rest breaks to save time, or the company they work for pressures them to skip these breaks. A lack of rest before driving for long periods of time can result in an increased risk of accidents, especially when operating such a large vehicle.
  • Substance Abuse: In certain cases, truck drivers have been caught driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, even after stringent tests and screenings. These substances can affect drivers’ reaction times and behaviors on the road, leading to more accidents and collisions.
  • Unbalanced Loads: If cargo is not loaded properly into the truck, it can violently move around in the vehicle. This can lead to an increased risk of accidents due to excessive movement from the trailer, as this can make the whole vehicle unstable. Truck drivers are expected to follow detailed procedures for cargo loading, so they are usually responsible for issues surrounding their cargo.
  • Issues Due to Size: Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are significantly larger than other vehicles on the road, which leads to added safety risks. For example, it takes these vehicles considerably longer to stop, which lessens the reaction time they have to adjust to changing road conditions. They also have more blind spots than the average driver, so they must remain vigilant at all times to avoid an accident.

These factors make large trucks especially dangerous in a vehicle accident. Their increased size and weight also increase the impact force of a collision. Injuries sustained in these types of accidents are usually significantly more severe than in other collisions. This means that an attorney is essential when pursuing compensation for accidents involving large trucks. They can make sure that you receive damages that are appropriate to the scope of your injuries.

What Do I Do After a Truck Accident?

One of the most important things to do immediately after a truck accident in Jennings is to call 911. This might not be necessary for all types of accidents, but truck accidents often lead to significant injuries and property damage, so it is extremely likely that emergency services need to know about the incident. Try to exit the vehicle as soon as possible, but do not attempt to move individuals who are stuck in the vehicle because this could make their injuries worse.

If possible, try to move all vehicles involved away from the main flow of traffic. After everyone is safe and accounted for, try to document as much of the accident scene as possible. Take photos and videos of the scene, and document signage on the road as well as other relevant factors, like weather conditions and the general environment. Be sure to take down the name and contact information of the other drivers involved, as well as their insurance information.

Once emergency services have arrived, it might be necessary to go to the hospital to treat severe injuries. If this is not needed, however, stay at the scene for the police to write a police report on the accident. This report is important to establish fault, so it is a good idea to stay to make sure that the incident is properly documented.

If you have not already been seen by a medical professional after the accident, do so as soon as possible. Just because you might not feel injured does not mean that you do not have injuries that can present themselves later. An official medical report can influence the amount of compensation you receive, so the earlier you are examined, the better.

Finally, contact a truck accident attorney. They can review all the parts of your case and the evidence you gathered to inform you about your options. An attorney can help with filing the initial claim, address correspondence from the insurance company, and even speak to adjusters on your behalf. They are experienced with negotiating settlement amounts, so they can often settle on higher levels of compensation than an individual can attain alone.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

There are many reasons why you should consider an accident attorney after a big truck accident. An attorney can help you understand Louisiana’s complicated personal injury laws and determine which laws apply to your case. Their legal knowledge can keep your claim from being overlooked by an adjuster. A skilled attorney can also make sure that your rights are respected.

Gathering evidence after a crash is important, but evidence is not helpful unless it is properly analyzed. An attorney can use footage of the accident, police reports, medical records, and testimony from any witnesses to accurately depict the accident scene, allowing them to make it clearer to all parties involved. This process can determine fault and evaluate how much money you might be entitled to receive based on your injuries.

It might be tempting to accept the first offer that an insurance company gives to you, but this offer is typically lower than what you could obtain in negotiations. However, most individuals do not understand how to advocate for these benefits without the help of an attorney. A legal professional can educate you on how much you might expect to receive and support your efforts in gaining compensation.

Louisiana has strict laws on how long you can wait before filing a claim for a car accident. If you do not work with an attorney, you run the risk of missing important deadlines and losing out on compensation. A Jennings personal injury attorney is intimately familiar with the timeline of a car accident claim, so they can make sure that your documents are filed correctly and on time to avoid giving up valuable compensation.

FAQs for Truck Accident Lawyers

Q: What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

A: A truck accident lawyer can gather evidence to help your case. They can also assist in communicating with insurance companies and trucking companies to negotiate a fair settlement for your accident. If the accident had multiple parties involved, a lawyer can help determine who is most at fault as they attempt to pursue damages. In the rare event that your case must go to court, a truck accident attorney can represent you at trial.

Q: How Do I Get Compensation After a Commercial Trucking Accident?

A: To get compensation after a commercial trucking accident in Jennings, contact a truck accident lawyer. They can help calculate what types of damages you might be entitled to. Damages can include compensation for medical expenses and missed work time. They can also include compensation for intangible items, like pain and suffering or loss of consortium if the victim died as a result of their injuries.

Q: Can You Get Compensation If an Accident Was Your Fault?

A: It is possible to receive compensation if an accident was your fault. Most insurance policies will cover these types of accidents unless the person at fault was under the influence or if they were engaging in other forms of reckless driving. To receive compensation for an accident that was your fault, file a claim with your insurance company. Then, contact a truck accident attorney to review what compensation you might be entitled to.

Q: Does Your Insurance Go Up After a Truck Accident Claim That Is Not Your Fault?

A: Insurance rates might go up after a truck accident claim that is not your fault, depending on the state and the individual circumstances. The state also affects how much your claim might increase and for how long the accident stays on your driving record. In most cases, insurance rates for not-at-fault accidents increase considerably less than for at-fault accidents. For help with a vehicle accident or collision, contact a truck accident attorney.

Receive the Compensation You Deserve

In the aftermath of a trucking accident, many individuals must work with multiple drivers and companies to determine a settlement amount and who was at fault. An attorney can help make this process easier so that you can focus on recovery. For more information on how the Cox Law Firm can help with a trucking accident, schedule a consultation with us today.


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