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The majority of employees in Louisiana are protected by workers’ compensation laws. These are meant to provide compensation to employees who are injured at work. Most employers are required to purchase insurance that gives benefits to injured employees. If you are having trouble with a workers’ compensation claim or feel like you are owed additional compensation, speak with a Jennings workers’ compensation lawyer at Cox Law Firm.

What Types of Injuries Occur in the Workplace?

Some industries are at a higher risk of workplace accidents due to the nature of their work. This is especially true in industries like construction and oil and gas, along with jobs that involve the use of heavy machinery. Common accidents in the workplace include:

  • Issues With Machinery: If a workplace has heavy machinery, then an employer has a duty to properly maintain those machines so that they do not malfunction. Not properly maintaining machines can lead to breakdowns and malfunctions, which can severely injure the workers who must operate them.
  • Overuse: Some professions require certain parts of a worker’s body to move in a repetitive manner, which can result in injury. Workers’ compensation can provide assistance for individuals to receive medical care to recover from injuries associated with repetitive use.
  • Slip and Falls: Employees who work in wet environments or deal with liquids might be more susceptible to slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Slip and falls can result in broken bones, head injuries, and other bodily injuries that might take a while to recover from.
  • Hazardous Chemicals: If an employee must regularly handle dangerous chemicals, they must be given protective equipment to protect themselves against long-term injuries, like mesothelioma and asbestos. A lack of protective gear could potentially be seen as negligent, resulting in a personal injury claim.

How Much Can I Receive in My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Every injury is different, so the exact amount that one can receive in a workers’ compensation claim varies widely from one person to the next. However, most individuals can receive compensation for medical expenses they incur as a result of receiving treatment for their injuries. This might include hospital visits, physical therapy, or doctor visits after the injury.

If your injuries are preventing you from working, you might qualify for temporary disability benefits, which can compensate you for the wages you are losing because of your injury. In some cases, the injuries are severe enough that an individual can file for permanent disability because it is unlikely that they will be able to work for a prolonged period of time.

Workers’ compensation can sometimes provide benefits for victims to receive training or education. This can help injured employees who are unable to work in their current industry or role pivot to a new job.

In the unfortunate event that an individual passes away due to injuries incurred on the job, their family might be able to receive benefits to compensate for funeral expenses and lost wages for the household.

The Claim-Filing Process

One of the most important things to do after being injured at work is to tell a supervisor. The employer must be notified that the employee is injured within 30 days of discovering the injury or the injury occurring. After the notification, the employer must then file additional documentation with their insurance company within ten days of finding out about the injury.

After the claim is reviewed, the insurance company issues a decision as to whether it will approve the benefits to be paid out. If the claim is approved, then the injured employee should begin receiving payments. If the claim is denied, the employee can file an appeal to request a second look at their case. An experienced Jennings attorney can help with the appeals process to increase your odds of getting your claim approved.


Q: Can Workers’ Comp Stop Paying Without Notice in Louisiana?

A: Generally, workers’ compensation cannot stop paying a former employee without notice in Louisiana. An insurance company might stop paying workers’ compensation because there is an agreement on when the payments end, or a judge orders the payments to stop. If you return to work, the payments also generally stop. If you have stopped receiving workers’ compensation without a valid reason, speak with a personal injury attorney.

Q: Can You Be Fired While on Workers’ Comp in Louisiana?

A: An employee cannot be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim, but they might be fired for other unrelated reasons. For example, if the nature of your injury prevents you from fulfilling your job duties, then it is possible for an employer to fire an employee. In other cases, the employer will attempt to provide accommodations so that you can continue performing your job in an adjusted manner.

Q: How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Lost Wages in Louisiana?

A: The amount that workers’ compensation pays for lost wages depends on how much money the individual was making before they were injured. The exact amount varies based on what type of benefits you receive. For a more detailed estimate of how much you could expect to receive from a workers’ compensation claim, including lost wages and other benefits, speak with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Q: What Work Injury Pays the Most in Workers’ Compensation?

A: Generally, work injuries that pay the most in workers’ compensation are more severe in nature. These injuries typically result in permanent or long-term disability and require significant medical care after the injury occurs. Injuries of this nature include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which can result in paralysis. To learn more about how much you might be able to recover in workers’ compensation, discuss your situation with an attorney.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

There are rigid timelines in Louisiana that limit how long you have to file a personal injury claim. The longer you wait, the less evidence you might have to prove your case. This is why it is so important to contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible after your injury, as they can help you understand your legal options. To learn more, schedule a consultation with the Cox Law Firm today.


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